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1. Introduction of AfriHUB Nigeria Ltd to the Participating Students of each Batch (ranging from 1200 students & above per batch).
2. Introduction of what UNIVERSAL MANDATORY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TRAINING (UMITT) is and its benefits to the students and society at large.
• The Course Code
• The Credit Load – 1 Unit
• Commencing with Final Year Students or highest level of class per department; subsequent batches to include lower classes.

3. The DURATION of the training per batch and the RULES guiding the Training in AfriHUB.
4. REGISTRATION of the Course with AfriHUB (N200) per student for AfriHUB ID Card. Also free workbook & UMITT CD would be given to each trainee.
5. CERTIFICATION on Successful completion of the Training with assessments during the training and CBT (examination) at the end of the training. Certificate costs N1000 per student.
6. RESIT ON FAILURE – Students who did not pass would resit the examination with a fee of N10, 000
7. CONDITIONS FOR WRITING THE EXAMINATION - 75% attendance qualifies a student for the examination. If one’s attendance is not up to 75%, he / she won't be allowed to write the examination. Students are expected to submit their ID card before the CBT examination.
8. CATALK - OUR CSR (CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY). Each completing batch of Trainees would be given the opportunity to attend a Powerful Career Workshop tagged CATALK, after their UMITT examination.
• The workshop is NOT mandatory but to be attended based on each trainee’s willingness and decision to participate.
• RESOURCE PERSONS are made up of Individuals / Personalities who are outstanding in their various fields of endeavors or Industries.
• CONTENT includes but not limited to – Developing a Career; effective Resume/CV & Cover letter; Networking; Interview Techniques; Winning At Work etc.
• Workshop Fee is 1,500 NGN.
• Participants would get free 179 paged CATALK Manual, CERTIFCATE OF ATTENDANCE & opportunity to interact & network with these accomplished Resource Persons.
9. Other important instructions would be passed on by the instructors as the training progresses.

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The Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) was originally founded as ASUTECH on July 30, 1980.

The University was conceived with the aim to establish an institution that must be closely related to society, its industry and above all, serve as a catalyst in the technological advancement of the people, hence the University’s motto remains, "Technology for Service".

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