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MDC international research conference in ESUT

MDC international research conference in ESUT

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Prominent scientists and academics from all parts of Nigeria came together for a 3-day 2016 international conference hosted for the second consecutive year by ESUT, in which more than 40 papers were delivered. These papers bordered on problems affecting Nigerians in different sectors.

The MERC Data Consulting (MDC) conference was held in collaboration with ESUT at ESUT Business School, GRA, Enugu from June20-22, this year. As a result of researches carried out suggestions were made for a way forward, while solutions and recommendations were also proffered.

There was a consensus of opinion by both presenters and participants that government attention is urgently needed in these areas for efficiency and effectiveness in government MDA's performance. It was also agreed that it is a fact that the modern world can never be free of challenges as new trends are evolving, acknowledging that these trends are signs of development for the modern world. It becomes necessary to develop strategies to go with modern challenges associated with them. This can be better achieved by adopting the recommendations of this conference, the participants unanimously agreed.

The conference made the following twelve recommendations agreeing that government should encourage implementation of research findings in the field of renewable energy and create awareness to the public on its advantages:

  • Women should be empowered to help move the country forward in areas of politics, employment, entrepreneurship and healthcare.
  • ICT infrastructure should be established across the nation to improve access to Internet (ICT Compliance).
  • Political parties should stick to manifestos made during political campaigns. Moral instruction should be made compulsory in schools to expose children early in life to good morals.
  • Bodies involved in the training, supervision and sanctioning of teachers should carry out their duties without fear or favour. Quality education should be made available to all.
  • Government should set up vocational skill acquisition centres across the nation to de-emphasize the unnecessary leaning on academic certificates.
  • Government should emphasize the training of key MDA Staff on project management skills and the new pension scheme.
  • Environmental policies should be reviewed in line with recent research findings and health hazards. Government should collaborate with willing foreign agencies for rural development projects. Town planners should be strict on the implementation of existing and new plans.
  • The National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) should look into the activities of health centres across the nation for standard delivery. Research findings in the health sector should be developed. E.g cucumber fungicidal properties which could possibly in future be used in the treatment of skin infections.
  • Government should encourage recycling as obtained in other countries by recycling spent lubricating oil. * More credit facility should be made available for women and youth. Government should make available more funds for agricultural research.
  • Agencies involved in transport should tighten up.
  • Government should encourage establishment of skill acquisition centres across the nation to encourage entrepreneurship.

Also motivation is needed to encourage efficiency of workers. Government should enforce the implementation of the Child Right Act across the nation. Government budget should reflect international recommendation for the child. Government should establish creches/day care around offices to encourage effectiveness and better productivity of nursing mothers. The conference ended on the note that general overview of research findings shows that research is imperative in the growth of every nation. When Research is well funded and supported, it reflects on the economy of the country and its citizens. Therefore, a plea was made for a serious approach to the above recommendations with a view to boosting the economy.

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