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  1. We are the children of Enugu State
    University of Science and Technology
    We shall cast all dreams of case away
    And put on armour or Technology
    Our Mother State, Enugu demands our best
    This Crucial hour
    We shall never rest on our oars
    Till all endeavours of our days are fulfilled.

  2. Refrain:

    Technology for service
    Service to humanity
    Our alma mata's pledge this is
    We vow to work with hands, heart and
    Knowledge to win a worthy prize
    For mankind.

  3. We hail our founding fathers
    Their foresight and devotion
    Steadfastneww and forbearance
    And self-reliance with animation
    It is our turn to nuture
    Our patriots' golden treasure
    With one accord to give us might
    We'll make our world a better one than this.

  4. Let's work with great devotion
    To grace our generation
    Homes of beauty, pure in deeds
    Rich in brotherhood and liberty
    Our mother State, Enugu
    Demands our best this crucial hour
    We shall strive relentlessly
    Till all endeavours of our days are fulfilled.